Artisan Dairy

Purveyors of Fine Dairy Products

All our products use traditionally hand-made techniques offering a sophisticated taste and texture combination. Drawing on seventy years of experience within the industry we welcome you to share our range of milk, cream, butter, cheeses, yoghurts and ice-cream.



Catherine Vowles, Chris’s grandmother, first started making cheese in 1945. Since then Colin Vowles, Chris’s father, made cheese from family taught traditions. Chris Vowles is now the third generation cheese maker with over 25 years’ experience in the profession. Artisan Dairy Ltd has been established by Chris Vowles and he uses the passion and craftsmanship developed from three generations to develop high quality and minimally processed dairy products.


Artisan Dairy Ltd

Located in Someset, the home of cheesemakers, Artisan Dairy Ltd is keen to share minimally processed dairy products with the South of England.

We have a range of cheeses and dairy products available to everyone, please see our products page for the full range. If you are looking for your own unique dairy products we can tailor make any dairy product to order. Just ask!